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Lavender gardenVirginia McNaughton has been a plantaholic for years and has become a little wiser (or slower) with age. Trained as a botanist and plant physiologist she has sold plants of one type or another for many years.

Virginia has come from a background of working with herbs and fragrant plants having worked for one of New Zealand's foremost herb experts at the time, Avice Hill. She has also worked as the Botanical Officer for the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

"Lavender the grower's guide" and "The Essential Lavender" booksShe is passionate about lavender and is very enthusiastic about the versatility of this wonderful herb and ornamental plant. Virginia is very much into lavender research and has lectured widely on lavender and its uses. Virginia is also the author of a couple of international books on the subject, "Lavender the grower's guide" and "The Essential Lavender". Both Virginia and her late husband Dennis have produced another booklet (see Plant Orders) which is sold from the shop on site or through Touchwood Books.

The business was moved to the site in West Melton at the end of 1996. Virginia and her late husband were looking for a larger area and better drained soil than where they had been previously. Happily they found both, in fact the first couple of years happened to be drought years and the soil was certainly well drained!! It is a move that she would not recommend to any other lavender grower as it has meant a tremendous amount of hard work to re-establish.

Display garden Lavender Innovationz is continually developing and evolving and life is never dull, as most other lavender growers will tell you. One does need a lasting passion or a large workforce to grow lavender on anything but a small scale. However the rewards are many, including seeing the beauty of large masses of lavender in flower in summer, the beautiful mix of colours in the collection and the excitement of seeing that pure essential oil flowing out of the condenser at harvest time. Besides, there is nothing more beautiful than lavender to work with when producing crafts and products.



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